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Business Plans are a necessity in today's environment for many more reasons than simply raising money from investors or securing bank financing. Even if you have all the cash you need to launch your new venture, you will enjoy tremendous benefits from having an excellent business plan prepared.

A business plan will assist you in the critical thinking and planning that is essential before you start your business. A business plan from John Thorman & Company will also help you because it will cause you to answer questions you haven't even thought of before, walk you through what if scenarios, open your eyes to new options and opportunities, attract better employees, secure new suppliers, or get a lease on your first building.

Our executive consultants will guide you through the process of completing a winning business plan so you really understand the financial issues and projections, get a crystal clear and objective assessment of the risks and understand the most important issues your business will be dealing with. The end result of completing your business plan with us is that you will be better prepared, you will have more confidence, and you will be equipped to make better decisions so you can achieve success and fulfill your dreams.

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