Competitive Positioning

Competitive positioning answers the question: Why should anyone buy from you?

Do you know what the real core drivers are that influence your customers and prospects to purchase your type of product or service? Well, we know what they aren't! The primary drivers that cause purchasing decisions are generally:

NOT Quality

NOT Performance

NOT Price

NOT Your Management

Except in rare situations, these attributes are only supporting factors behind the real core drivers of your prospects buying decisions. Extensive research conducted over 15 years, among 75 different companies, with over 100,000 interviews of senior executives tells us that the primary drivers of customer's decisions are something different.

When you understand the difference, and learn how to manage the real core drivers in your buyer's decision making process, you can transform your business into the leading provider in your market.

Creating a market dominating, competitive positioning strategy, requires deep insights into your buyers. This requires quantitative and expertly conducted qualitative research. Or, you can guess. Either way you will earn a position in the minds of your buyers. But, conducting research is definitely the best way to go if you want to have the right position in your buyer's mind. One that differentiates you from all of your competition in meaningfully significant ways, resulting in you winning the business.

How your business, product or service is positioned in the minds of your buyers and how well you can differentiate it from all your competitors is critical. Get this right, and you can create a brand strategy that will empower you to dominate your market.

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