Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is formulated from the essential research, analysis and creative thinking that you must do BEFORE you create your tactical marketing plan.

Strategy precedes tactics. Unfortunately, many businesses suffer the consequences of rushing into tactics too quickly. The reality is this: if you don't put enough effort into formulating your marketing strategy, your marketing tactics will not be nearly as effective or cost efficient. What's worse, if you invest money into tactics without a sound marketing strategy, you could waste a lot of money and form a bad impression about the power and leverage that really good marketing will bring to your business.

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory."

- Sun Tzu, Art of War

A really good Marketing Strategy will lead to your "Big Idea" by understanding the demand curve shifters in your industry as well as the behaviours of your target market. Once you understand your marketing strategy then you can go to work on creating an integrated marketing communications plan and begin selecting the best marketing tactics for your business. 

The Revenue Performance Masters at John Thorman & Company will create a marketing strategy that will resonate with your target audience and capitalize on the factors that will increase demand for your product.

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