Marketing Tactics

Marketing TacticsMarketing Tactics dominate the thinking of most business owners, and this causes a lot of problems!

Most business owners and their staff are rushing to implement marketing tactics without investing enough thought and energy into their marketing strategies. Don't let this happen to you! Before you spend more money hiring additional salespeople, building a website, purchasing more advertising or running a promotion, make sure you have formulated a winning marketing strategy. 

"Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." - Sun Tzu, Art of War

Now, which marketing tactics are best for your business and how much should you invest in each of them to generate the quantity and quality of leads you need in order to achieve your revenue goals?

7 Categories of Marketing Tactics to Consider:

  1. Personal Selling
  2. Online / Interactive / Digital Marketing
  3. Advertising
  4. Direct Marketing
  5. Publicity & Public Relations
  6. Sales Promotions
  7. Referrals / Word of Mouth

If you are ready to discuss the best marketing tactics for your business, then contact the marketing experts at John Thorman & Company. We will work with you to make sense of all the options available to your business. Then, we will create and implement the tactics for you to make sure you get improved results that will accelerate your revenue growth. 

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