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Wow, I just had the best business consultation ever! John Thorman of John Thorman & Company, LLC from Ocala, FL, spent two days with me. He invested his time asking me numerous questions about the operations of Brain Works, interviewing my staff, getting me to look at underperforming areas of my business, making astute observations, and brainstorming excellent solutions with me. He also encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone, so I could make Brain Works more visible and more profitable.


I was impressed by John’s sincere interest in Brain Works, his laser-like focus on the broad range of issues we covered and the easy-to-use low to no cost practical solutions he came up with for me and my staff to put to use right away. One of the awesome products John created for Brain Works is an Excel spreadsheet for me to try out different price structures for different brain development and treatment programs we discussed.

John Thorman is a gem. No matter where your business is located, pick up the phone and call John Thorman and Company to give your business a revenue and profitability boost! Look up John’s website at and give him a call at 352.390.6620 or 866.336.2533 (toll free).

Believe me, you will be so glad you worked with him. I know I am!

Diane Daniels
Brain Works

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