Accelerating Revenue Growth

What does your business need in order to increase revenues faster and become more profitable? 

Are you open to some suggestions that have proven to work for many other small businesses just like yours?



First, examine your business or marketing strategy. Is it still working as well as it used to or are you starting to fall behind?  Can you say with confidence that you really have a competitive advantage in your market? Perhaps it is time to renew your strategy in light of all the changes that have taken place in our economy since 2008. If you haven't performed a critical review of your strategy in a few years, definitely take the time to work through this.

Are your marketing efforts generating enough high quality leads to ensure you will reach your sales goals? How well is your internet, search, and social media marketing working for you? Some research states that 97% of local consumers search online before making a purchase. So, are your prospects able to find you easily and quickly when they go to Google and search for the kind of products and services you provide, or do they only find your competitors?

When you do have a sales conversation with a qualified prospect, what are your closing ratios? Are you selling enough new prospects, not enough, or maybe too many because your prices are too low? Review your entire sales process from beginning to end and find out where you are losing the largest number of prospects. Maybe you are good at generating interest and creating new leads, but then you can't seem to move them to the next step in your sales process. Identify the steps in your sales process that are broken and costing you the most sales and then implement changes to fix them.

Are you still running and managing your business with the same systems, methods and procedures that you used 5 or 10 years ago? If so, you are missing out on major productivity and efficiency improvements that would help you sell more at lower costs. If you are looking for ways to improve your profits, then you definitely need to address these areas of your business. Recent research suggests that 51% of small business owners use technology for their accounting, but technology is being used by only 39% of small business owners for appointment booking and scheduling, 34% for customer relationship management, 25% for point of sale systems, and a mere 14% for acquisition marketing. Also, 52% of small businesses don't yet own a website. For those small businesses that do have a website, many would actually be better off without it because their website is so outdated, ugly, and dysfunctional that it actually drives customers away!

We are passionate about improving business and marketing strategies and then executing those plans effectivley and efficiently. We work with business owners and their teams to implement the right combination of marketing tactics and utilize the best technologies to see significant improvements in sales revenues, business performance, and profits.

If you are looking for practical, proven solutions that will accelerate your revenue and profits, contact us today at 352-390-6620 or toll free at 1-866-336-2533.

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