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Sales and marketing must be in alignment if you are going to maximize your company's revenue growth. Alignment produces synergy and increases the leverage of all the investments made into communicating with your target audience. Sales is a tactical function of marketing and in our current business environment, marketing and sales must work together better than ever before.

Sales and marketing alignment presents a tremendous opportunity for you to beat your competition because 92% of businesses reported that they don't have this working right and they are missing out on the tremendous synergy that it provides. Look at the following graphic from Eloqua. Recent research showed that companies that have tight alignment between sales and marketing had annual growth rates of 32% in 2011 compared to those companies who didn't and they averaged -7%.

sales and marketing

If you want to increase your sales and accelerate your revenue growth this is a proven method to achieve your desired results. The Revenue Performance Masters at John Thorman & Company can work with your leadership team and your staff to make the improvements you need to ensure your sales and marketing efforts are in complete alignment. The results will be smoother driving and faster revenue growth.

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