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What is your Sales Process? Have you defined how your buyers move from not knowing you exist to becoming a client and then raving fan?

The Sales Process is ubiquitously defined as the sales funnel. It is either horizontal or vertical, but it is always understood as a linear process that a prospect moves through until they become a client and it is defined by a certain number of stages or steps. A popular model is called AIDA which flows as follows: from Awareness, to Interest to Desire to Action.

BUT... do buyers really follow our carefully crafted and easily understandable linear progressions? Having a sales process that moves the prospect from one step to the next, with each step moving them closer to a purchase is great because it is easy to understand and it is scalable. The problem is that buyers just don't make purchases like that anymore, if they really ever did at all. However, the simple fact is that having a linearly progressive sales process is better than having no sales process at all. Consider "The Perfect Customer Lifecycle" diagram below from Infusionsoft.

sales process

The Sales Process is Dead!

What is replacing the linear sales process though is a better understanding of your customer's preferred buying process. Today, the way your ideal customers buy from you has changed for a lot of reasons, especially the Internet and rapid technological advances. With more information at your buyers finger tips than ever before, today's buyers are in the drivers seat.  As a result, selling goods and services is no longer a simple product or sales driven process. Now the buyer is in control, and the processes they go through can be fast moving, sporadic, chaotic and influenced by many more people. Given the tumultuous nature of buying and selling today, I think a better name for the modern sales process is The Buyer Vortex!

Whatever the modern sales process is called, the objective is to have your company's solutions easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to purchase by your ideal clients right when they need them and right where they are looking for them. 

If your sales process isn't working as well as it should, contact the Revenue Performance Masters at John Thorman & Company. We will help you make it easier for your best prospects to buy from you.

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